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What is CSS?

CSS tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of CSS technology. Our CSS tutorial is developed for beginners and professionals. The major points of CSS are given below:

Advantages of CSS

These are the three major benefits of CSS:

1. Solves a big problem

Before CSS, tags like font, color, background style, element alignments, border and size had to be repeated on every web page. This was a very long process. For example: If you are developing a large website where fonts and color information are added on every single page, it will be become a long and expensive process. CSS was created to solve this problem. It was a W3C recommendation.

2. Saves a lot of time

CSS style definitions are saved in external CSS files so it is possible to change the entire website by changing just one file.

3. Provide more attributes

CSS provides more detailed attributes than plain HTML to define the look and feel of the website.

Which software do I need?

Please avoid using software such as FrontPage, Dreamweaver or Word with this tutorial. Advanced software will not help you learn CSS. Instead, it will limit you and slow down your learning curve significantly.

All you need is a free and simple text editor.

A simple text editor is ideal for learning HTML and CSS because it doesn't affect or change the codes you type. That way, your successes and errors can only be attributed to yourself - not the software.

You can use any browser with this tutorial. We encourage you to always keep your browser updated and use the latest version.

Who Creates and Maintains CSS?

CSS was invited by Hakon Wium Lie on October 10, 1994 and maintained through a group of people within the W3C called the CSS Working Group.

What is the difference between CSS and HTML?

HTML is used to structure content. CSS is used for formatting structured content.

CSS Example:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>Write Your First CSS Example</h1>
<p>This is Paragraph.</p>
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Prerequisites of CSS

You should be familiar with: